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We provide models to adult film producers, sex film productions, adult video producers,
cable network content providers, photographers, video clip directors looking for models for :
glamour photography, cable network erotic clips, business fairs hostessing, modeling for freelance photographers
erotic, hard core, fetish and pink photography and filming, sex video productions, erotic magazines modeling,
live gigs - lap dance, stripping, topless waitressing, live sex shows

Producers - Photographers - please note:

We know it's a pain in the ass reading the 'small text' but if you wish to enter
into profitable relations with ... please read this page from top to bottom.

What we do:
We provide contact between adult content producers (you) and the content (the models).

Who can we provide model contacts for:
Adult movie and image content producers, cable network productions, erotic magazine editors, glamour video and magazine productions, fetish video makers, photographers, and sometimes - hobby producers.

We won't provide model contacts for:
Anyone looking for private direct 'sex' partners, or those in search of a beautiful czech wife.
If you are not a professional producer - production, or a seriously intent photographer or video maker
concerned with producing professional or semi-professional adult content - please go away
and waste neither your nor our time and effort.
If it's sex partners you want - please go to

Our capabilities:
We do what we say we do - provide contacts to models for adult content productions but since we receive
an average of 10 requests for models daily from all over the world - at the moment, demand is
much greater than models available.
The medium waiting queue at the moment is anything from 2 to 3 months.
If you fill in the request form below - sooner or later we will be in touch.
So please don't think that we have ignored or disregarded your request, just be patient.

How do we evaluate requests:
We use our common sense and the experience we have with dealing with people 'interested'
in being placed in contact with sexy women.
We take this very seriously not only to provide top service to the productions we cater to,
but also to safeguard and to offer good working conditions to the models we represent.
If we receive the form below with 'Production Company' based in Japan and 'Production Location' in Calcutta,
sorry folks - but we won't take such a request seriously.
We, and the models operate in good faith - and we expect the same in return.
The adult sex industry in the Czech Republic is pretty liberal - but this does not mean that there are no laws, ethics or regulations regarding the correct operation in this branch.
If you are in good faith, serious and professional - you will sooner or later get all the czech models you need.
If you are not operating under good faith and professional adult industry standards - at the best you will be ignored.
At the worst - you will get into serious trouble since requesting models under false pretenses or with wrong intentions is illegal.

How do producers, art directors etc get models ?
1) - You the producer make a request using our form
2) - We chose the model or models we think appropriate for this request
3) - We put together the necessary model details and you get to see the web
Czech Model Directory and the selected models images along with her fees.
4) - If you find these appropriate to your needs you e-mail us
a confirmation of the models you would like to work with
5) We or the model gets in touch with you directly to sort out the details

Where will models travel to :
The models will mostly operate in Prague and all of the Czech Republic.
For assignments outside the Czech Republic, ie. Japan, USA, Holland, UK, and most reasonable European and Worldwide destinations, we apply a vetting system.
Meaning that if you are an accredited Playboy photographer and need models in the USA - we check you out through Playboy Co. and then the model or models are on their way.
If you are some unknown fetish production company from Finland - then again - after asserting your real existence - and confirming that you are a professional content production company which really needs models for two weeks to film a high heels and leather video in Finland - the model or models are on their way.
Common sense, vetting when needed, and general safety precautions rule the waves.
If you don't understand this - then don't even bother to fill in the form.

Contracts and legal stuff - between you and the model :

If you are a professional production company - then skip this paragraph.
If you are not professional - or just starting out - please read it.

For any production of adult content involving human beings (the models) it's up to you the producer to
provide FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT a contract or some sort of written agreement for the models and also to get verifiable proof of age from the models.

Usually this is done in the following form.
1) One photo or video sequence taken of models face side by side of her identity card or id document
2) 2 colour photocopies of the models id card or id document - (the models should provide this themselves)
3) Two copies of a signed agreement (signed by both parties) stating that the model is over 18 years old, that she poses of her own free will, and that she consents to you using her images in any way you the producer decides and that the images or film are of your property and she has no further demands upon their use other than the stipulated hourly or daily payment agreed upon for that photo shoot / filming session.
There is no standard for this type of agreement and you can set one up by yourself if you can write and think logically.
The agreement should be in type or computer printed.

Please understand that this is mainly for YOUR BENEFIT.
You need the model face photo and the copies of her id to prove the models age in case that someone decides that the model looks too young to be over 18. If you don't have the proof of her age at hand as custodian of the records of those images - you could get into unpleasant trouble with worldwide authorities.
You need the signed agreement in case the model after a couple of months decides that she does not want you to publish the images.
As far as we know this has never happened - but you never know.
So, act wisely - be fair but not stupid - and everyone will know where they stand before you start filming.

Privacy and discretion:
Any contact between you the producer and the models is done in utmost privacy and absolute discretion.
Most czech models appreciate discreet dealing with producers and presumably so do the producers themselves.
Mainly for this reason, czech models are happier in posing for international productions than for local ones.
Same applies for ourselves and the way we intermediate between the models and the producers.
Any data that a producer decides to insert in the form below - remains with
We do not give out e-mail addresses for promotional (spamming) reasons and neither do we advertise our services to other producers naming productions that have already used our services.
If - when, we put a producer in contact with a model - both parties know pre-hand they will be put in touch with each other.
The model(s) will be informed of the general details of the production company such as for example that they want to produce a lesbian softcore video in Prague. She confirms interest and knows we will then show the production her images, services offered and her fees.
If the production company wants that model - we then provide both parties with the other party's phone number and the rest is up to you the producer and the model or models.

The Czech Model Directory:
Presently there are 411 models in our directory ranging from models as in "10" meaning the perfect model,
to beautiful housewife types - to blond body builder surfers - to oversized breasted nymphs.
All sizes, all types and above all - all adult branch deviations:
Adult branch deviations include, hardcore, fetish, bondage, piss, facial, blow job, glamour, amateur, uniform, stripper, pseudo teens, lap dancers, live sex shows and girl next door models.

Our directory is not available to the general public, nor to the requesting producer as a whole.
The czech model directory is available in bits and pieces and we decide who gets to see what.
Meaning that from the details you insert in our request form - we deduce the types of models you need.
We then check out which models would actually want to cater for your needs - and when they are available.
We then vet you and check out your details to assure ourselves that you are serious and professional.
You are then sent a URL link to a set of selected models images and details that we think
might be satisfactory to your needs.
You choose from these and take it from there - just you - and the model.

Are Czech Models professional ? :
Are beautiful, sexy, attractive, open-to-posing-suggestions women professional ?
Are you filming a Dickens novel or producing adult content ?
Humour aside, from our direct experience in shooting adult content with czech models, and that of producers we know who have worked with czech models, - czech models are usually very attractive women, very flexible and perfect models as far as following the producers/photographer's instructions in posing.
In fact most adult industry czech models don't even have to pose to be posing - if you understand what we mean.
Czech women are natural models.

Usually, to start with - czech models are less open than for example Italian or Spanish models.
You too would have a more closed personality after three of your generations had been trampled upon, dictated to, spied on and totalitarialized by the communist regime. This does not wear off in a generation or two.
But once the models feel that they are working with professional and serious producers - they will open up and model in a very professional and pleasant manner.

Case example:
A fetish production in Prague were filming a scene where a model gets her ass spanked.
They were using professional sado maso spanking paddles which, if you have done this sort of filming, you will know that although these paddles make the right slapping noise and even leave red marks - they do not hurt.
Most people don't know this so when they see a spanking scene - they are convinced that 'ouch... that must have hurt'.
In this case the production wanted the model to simulate that it hurt and asked her to pretend and make sighs and to whimper as if she were in pain.
They tried about five takes but the model was still there, bent over and still completely silent despite a red ass.
The director once again asks her if she could put in a bit more 'acting'.
The model - obviously amused but getting bored stiff says:
"If you want this to look real - then you're going to have to spank much harder - I would much prefer to have a hot red ass than cramped knees - get on with it and do it properly"

Model services prices :
Prices and fees for modeling services are as varied as last minute, charter or mainstream airline flight tickets so stating now that a glamour model for example gets paid between Euro 30 to Euro 200 an hour doesn't really say much.
Basically the models we represent have standard Czech model market prices and it all depends on so many factors that we could write 20 price pages only for these.
Is the model fantastic but on her second assignment and willing to work for almost nothing to get her face into a magazine or onto a worldwide sex video production ?
Has she already appeared in 8 adult movies in worldwide distribution and has a higher price ?
Once we understand your needs - we will provide you exact model fees for each model when you receive the URL link to their pics.

However - to give you a basic starting point - here are some approximate prices:

Glamour 40 / 70 Euro per hour
Pink 50 / 80 Euro per hour
Dildo - objects 50 / 80 Euro per hour
2 girls together 60 / 90 (each) Euro per hour
Hardcore 300 / 500 Euro for a 6 to 8 hour shooting day
Fetish - depends on what you mean by fetish

As already mentioned - these prices can vary by as much as 50% both
downwards or upwards so don't use them as a czech models price guide.

The bottom line is that models from the Czech Republic will generally have prices 30% to 50% and more lower than elsewhere (Germany, UK, Italy, France, USA, etc)

So how do we,, make money on this ?
Our point of view:
We operate under the sign of trust and professional services offered, requested, rendered and received.
A model get's regular well paid work passed her/his way from us.
An adult content provider gets great model contacts - and the actual models through us.
The models' point of view:
The models we represent know that we can get them well paid work with international productions.
The models pay us 10% of their total earnings from each assignment.
We don't need minders or other such un savoury methods to get paid from the models as they all know that if they do not offer reciprocal fair play - they won't get any further assignments from us.
If a model decides to get further work on a direct basis with a production - bypassing our services - we usually find out about this and just take her off our directory and also the production too. Hey - it's a free world.
The production's / photographer's point of view.
The production companies, photographers and content producers we provide models for also pay us 10%.
And the same applies to them as to the models. If you don't abide by fair play - for example offering a model extra separate work bypassing our services - we will usually find out and you will never receive model contacts through our services again. 99% of cases where this happens the models themselves tell us that you tried to bypass our services.

The 10% from the model is compensated for by the steady flow of modeling assignments the model receives through us and the 10% from the production company is compensated for by the very reasonable prices the models work for
and the vast amount of models we can provide to our valued clients.
So neither the model is underpaid - nor the producers over pay, and we make something too.
If you have ever tried to get models for your production you know the coordination and logistics involved.

Our company motto:
Provide 400 great professional models to 350 adult content producers - nobody ever knows about it.
Provide 10 lousy unprofessional models to 5 adult content producers - everyone finds out.
We do our utmost best to provide great models - but also go out of our way to get a good deal for the models.

If you fill in your details below and do not hear immediately from us or the assigned models - don't panic.
Times estimated at this moment are anything from 2 to 3 months.
Also - not being contacted can be due to the type of assignment you require or/and many other factors.
This does not mean that your request is being ignored and we will continue to do our best to associate available models to your requirements - sooner or later.

If you fill out the form bellow with funny, humorous or non credible data - we might laugh when we read it - but then it goes straight into the trash.


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