Jobs for models in erotic productions

If you are a model (male / female) and would like to offer your services in the adult film,
movie, magazine, glamour, photography industry - we can get you modeling and filming assignments
and regular work with international productions either in the Czech Republic or abroad.

Models - please read the whole page before filling out the form below

Type of modeling jobs and work assignments can get you:
glamour photography
cable network erotic clips
business fairs obsessing
modeling for freelance photographers
erotic photography / filming
hard core photography / filming
fetish photography / filming
pink photography / filming
sex video productions
erotic magazines modeling
live gigs - lapdance, stripping,
topless waitressing, live sex shows


Who can work as a model in the adult industry:
Models, female and male of all shapes and sizes and aspect are welcome and if you are not a sex bomb - never mind - you probably have other personal-physical-erotic values which can be appreciated in the adult modeling industry.
You do not have to be superman or superwoman to be or to become an adult model, stripper, glamour model, lap dancer, or porn star and neither do you have to have working experience in most branches.

if you have never worked in the adult industry we suggest you think twice if this is something you really want to do. Although the work can be rewarding, it can be hard and is not for everyone.


How to get a modeling work:
Film studios, art directors, producers, photographers, magazine publishers, cable tv productions,
will usually choose models by 2 criteria:
1) from your photographs
2) by the services you offer that you insert in our form

Hence job assignments are given to models based on the information you insert in our form,
upon your photos and upon the needs of the producer requirements.


How are modeling assignments given ?
1) - We get a request from a film production company / magazine photographer
2) - We choose the model or models we think appropriate to the request received
3) - We put together the details necessary for the film production company
such as - the services you offer as a model and your images and fees.
4) - If the production company are satisfied and confirm their interest -
we will contact you and offer you this assignment.


How to get listed in our Czech Models Directory:
Our Czech Models Directory is not open to the public.
We decide which model's photos to show to which production's request.
But to get work in modeling - we must have photos of all the models to be able to show to the producers / photographers.
It does not cost anything to get listed in our Czech Models Directory.
But to get listed and to start receiving modeling assignments you should:
a) fill in our form below,
b) e-mail us several images of yourself


Model professional details:
The modeling service you offer (see form) and your photos will obviously be shown to the party requesting your services for them to be able to chose the right models for the right job.


Model personal details:
Your personal details will never be given to the third party.


Your photos:
You must be able to send a few photographs of yourself via e-mail to us
to be included in our model directory and be available via phone.

If you don't know how to e-mail jpg images please get someone to help you.
If you have no photos - we have professional photographers in Prague, Zlin, Brno,
Budejovice, Ostrava, Karlovy Vary that can help.

When you get to the form page, state in the comments box that you will be e-mailing us your photos and
we will get back to you on where to e-mail them to.


How much models can earn.
You can indicate your 'price' in the form below but please bear in mind that most of the producers, photographers etc requesting your services are international productions and people who are professionals at what they do who know the prices. We also know the prices.
Use your head when indicating your fee and don't think that just because it's a French cable tv network that they will pay you 10 times as much as your services are worth - or 3 times as much as the service they need is priced realistically within the general and above all within the Czech adult industry market.


What you - the model - pay
Any model receiving a work assignment through
pays 10% from the total earned from that assignment.
This is to be paid after the assignment is completed

Our point of view:
We operate under the sign of trust and professional services offered, rendered, requested and received.
A model get's regular well paid work passed her/his way from us.
An adult content provider gets great model contacts - and the actual models from us
The models' point of view:

The models we intermediate know that we can get them well paid work with international productions.
We don't need minders or other such unsavoury methods to get paid from the models as they all know that if they do not offer reciprocal fair play - they won't get any further assignments from us.
If a model decides to get further work on a direct basis with a production - bypassing our services - we usually find out about this and just take her off our directory and also the production too. Hey - it's a free world - but possibly a sometimes honest world.
The production's / photographer's point of vew.
The same applies to them as to the models. If they don't abide by fair play - for example offering a model extra separate work bypassing our services - we will usually find out and they will never receive model contacts through our services again. 99% of cases where this happens the models themselves tell us that a producer tried to bypass our services.

The 10% fee from the models is compensated for by the steady flow of modeling work the models receive through us and the 10% from the production company is compensated for by the very reasonable prices the models work for
and the vast amount of models we can provide to our valued clients.
So neither the model is underpaid - nor the producers over pay, and we make something too. is not a marriage agency.
The producers, film companies, photographers and cable networks requesting models
through our service are serious people working in the erotic - glamour - adult industry.
This is a SERIOUS BUSINESS so go away if you think you'll find a rich husband through our services.

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